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The North End Youth Boxing Program is a FREE after school program for youth ages 12–17 years, offered by Pan Am Boxing Club Inc. in partnership with the City of Winnipeg. The program is designed to help youth stay off the streets and find a passion for fitness and boxing by providing positive role models to guide them in the right direction.

Hours of Operation

North End Boxing Club is currently open Monday and Wednesday from 4pm - 630pm. 


Starting in May, North End Boxing Club will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 pm to 630pm.


The program comprises two main components: academic and boxing (fitness). Academic. From 4:00 pm–4:45 pm, the facility is staffed and open to all youth members for studying, completing homework, reading, or volunteering. To maintain a membership, youth must complete a minimum of 30 minutes of “academics” before training. 

Boxing Training

From 5:00 pm–6:30 pm, the focus will shift from academic to boxing and fitness! The youth will train as a team under the direction of the Head Coach and a volunteer assistant trainer who will take them through the workout from warm-up to cool-down. Structured workouts will change from week to week, but the typical class will include:

• Warm-up—the coaches will discuss the plan for the day, then take the group through a variety of dynamic movements and drills to get the muscles, joints, and mind ready for the workout.

• New member orientation—following the warm-up, the assistant trainer will take the new members to the side and show them the boxing basics. Once complete, they will join the main group again.

• Technical portion—after a few conditioning drills, the class will work on boxing techniques using a variety of drills and exercises.

• Fitness portion—after the technical portion of the class, the group will go into a variety of fitness and boxing drills.

  • Cool-down—to finish the class, trainers will take the group through a cool-down, relaxing the muscles and mind before they leave the facility.

About the facility

The North End Youth Boxing Program operates out of the North End Boxing Club at 1100 College Avenue (in the old Burrows Resource Centre). Facility amenities include:

• Boxing gym—includes two training rings, racking for 16 heavy bags, and various boxing, weight, and conditioning equipment.

• Weight room—has all the necessary pieces of equipment and dumbbell sizes any athlete or recreational member would need!

• Study hall—separate from the training rooms and away from the distractions, the study hall has everything necessary to stay focused and complete the academic requirements.

• The field—is located on the west side of the facility and is a major part of our boxing classes in the summer months!

• Change rooms & washrooms—please note that we do not have showers available.


Youth between the ages of 12–17 years can join the program for FREE! We accept new members throughout the year and there are no hidden costs or fees associated with the program! Signing up is easy:

• Have a parent or guardian fully complete the North End Youth Boxing Program Member Form (available online at or at 1100 College Ave.) and have it signed by both the parent/guardian and youth.

  • Visit the North End Boxing Club at 1100 College Avenue Monday or Wednesday, when the head trainer, Chris Sarifa, is available from 4:00 pm–6:30 pm to drop off your completed and signed form.

North End Boxing Club
1100 College Ave.
Chris Sarifa:

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